• ... The sort of intelligent, safety-minded solution that ought to be just as ubiquitous as electricity itself.
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    “Brio's safe and smart outlets are another logical step in smart homes.”
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    “Brio was one of the biggest highlights of CES this year.”
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  • Brio, the world’s safest, smartest
    and boldest outlet technology.

  • Brio Smart, a 360° home 
    safety system.


  • Brio Safe,O, the innovation.
    O, the protection

New Brio technologies give you confidence that your children will be safe when you at home with your family or spend holidays in San Diego.
Everyone is buzzing about Brio and our award winning technology.
Winner of three CES Innovation Awards: Tech for a Better World, Accessible Technologies, and Home Appliance; as well as the 2015 Envisioneering Award for Innovation and Design. See our press »
Brio can differentiate between objects that need power, and people that need protection.

Brio knows the difference between a precious little finger and a plug that draws dangerous electric current. The Brio Outlet produces power only when it senses a need to deliver electricity to an appropriate device.


With the Brio app you’ll feel protected wherever you are—in or out of your home. Advanced wireless technology can detect dangers like flooding, smoke and carbon monoxide and send you instant alerts from your Brio Home Safety System.

Our Technology

Our patented technology comes from controlling the power provided from the outlet by sensing the electrical demand.

Brio uses state of the art microelectronics in conjunction with our advanced current sensing technology.

When a Brio power outlet detects a connection, our embedded sensors confirm it's an electric device - not a person or pet.

With a device, our smart technology confirms the validity of the load and only then will Brio switch from safe to normal mode.

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O, Brio you’re so amazing.

The Brio Home Safety System will connect you to your home safe home.

Give yourself and your family peace-of-mind by making
your home safe from shock hazards caused by your electrical outlets.

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