Our Story

Why Non-Lethal Protection

What started as a small crusade over 15 years ago has turned into a full-blown dedicated love focused movement. We realized that so many people live their lives in fear – worried every day about what could be waiting around the corner or if there’s going to be something dangerous on their morning run.

We firmly believe that YOU should not have to live a life filled with fear – the bad guys are out there but you shouldn’t be scared of them. You should be prepared to defend yourself and the ones your love.

After Best Stun Gun owner Alex’s family grew he realized that his family and their protection is priority #1. This crusade became personal to him. We live in a free society and love our liberties. And our most basic right to protect and defend ourselves from any attacker – whether it’s a person or animal – should be valued.

After 15 years of this labor of love, helping 10,000s of people protect themselves and plenty of self-defense and protection experience we are happy to spread the message to love your life, love what’s important to you, and exercise your right to defend it.