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Everyone – no matter their age – deserves to be cared for, respected, and live their best life!

That simple principle guides everything we do here at BrioHouse. With our team of experts, over a decade of experience, and passion for helping seniors live their best life we are determined to make an impact in this day of digital conversation.

Our experts all have aging parents and we know the struggles faced by so many in America. We want to take all of our first hand experience and thousands upon thousands of hours of research and give it to you for FREE so that you can help your family and loved ones live the best life possible!

From reviewing the latest products and tech to articles concerning advice on making healthier and safer choices – BrioHouse has you covered.

Alex at BrioHouse

– You Can Count On BrioHouse –

Ever heard of recommendations? Yeah, they’re basically like squirrels in the park—everywhere you look, there’s another one. But hold on to your hats, because not all recommendations are cut from the same cosmic cloth! Lucky for you, we’ve assembled a squad of expert superheroes whose sole mission is to navigate the labyrinth of life’s choices with your best interests as their guiding star.

From finding a comfy nest in the realm of senior housing to deciphering the mysterious scrolls of health insurance, or even rocking the latest in medical alert bling, our team brings more combined experience than a time-traveling cat.

Our dream team of senior-care sorcerers is here to link you and your dear ones with solutions that fit like a glove made of magic. You see, our intel is as solid as a pet rock, and our suggestions are backed by more facts than a history book written by a detective.

We’re not just your average everyday know-it-alls; we’re problem-solving virtuosos on a mission to make your worries vanish like socks in a laundry black hole. And guess what? We’ve ascended the ranks like champions in a game of senior care bingo, holding the coveted title of #1 guru in the realm of all things golden-years-related. Bow down, lesser recommendations, bow down.

– Things We Love-

Navigating the tricky terrain of senior challenges? That’s our specialty, and we’re all about handing you the treasure map. We’re like the fairy godmothers of vital info, here to sprinkle a little magic that can turn a life around.

We try our best to cover every aspect of senior life but, we are tech geeks at heart and so there are a few things that are super close to our hearts.

– Our Team –

We are shouting it from the rooftops: getting older doesn’t mean waving goodbye to joy. With the incredible tech and services of today, you’re in for a fantastic ride toward your best life!

alex bradley author

Alex Bradley

Multitasking guru who’s not just wrangling words as a witty blogger, but also juggling the roles of a husband, dad, and dutiful son to an age-defying parent.
With a keyboard in one hand and a toolbox of tech gadgets in the other, Alex weaves playful blog posts that crack open the world of senior-friendly gizmos.
Drawing inspiration from his family adventures and late-night “Eureka!” moments, his posts are your compass to navigate the realm of safety-enhancing and smile-inducing devices for the golden-aged generation.

Jose Alpuerto

Senior Editor
With a heart that beats for the young and young-at-heart alike, Jose dives headfirst into the world of tech wizardry and safety gadgets, all with the mission of turning aging at home into an adventure.
Armed with a keyboard and an unquenchable enthusiasm, he spins tales of gadgets that bring laughter and ease to the lives of the elderly, proving that growing older doesn’t mean you can’t keep the spirit of play alive.
jose alpuerto author
clifford ano author

Clifford Ano

Lead Tech Expert
With a heart brimming with compassion and a mind tuned into the needs of the elderly, Clifford pours his words onto the digital canvas to champion a world where respect, care, and dignity are the cornerstones of how we treat our older generation.
Through his insightful and touching blog posts, he sheds light on the issues faced by seniors and offers uplifting perspectives on how we can collectively create a more compassionate and nurturing world for them.

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