Are Stun Guns Legal In New York?

stun gun legal in new yorkUPDATE: Stun Guns are now LEGAL in NEW YORK

Surprisingly, New York is one state that does not permit the public to purchase stun guns for protection. Here we learn the laws in place.

New York is one of the seven states where stun guns are illegal. However, and perhaps surprisingly, the ownership of a handgun is permitted in the state as long as the person buying the weapon has a permit to do so.

Under Sections 15a and 15c of the New York Penal Code 265 Law the use of an electronic dart gun and an electronic stun gun are restricted for public use.

For clarification this is any device that has been designed as a weapon with the purpose of stunning, knocking out, causing mental disorientation or paralyzing a person by passing a high electrical shock to a person. An electric dart projects darts that are attached to the main device with wires. Once these darts have penetrated the skin they deliver volts that will temporarily disable a person.

Anyone who is caught in possession of a stun gun or an electric dart gun in New York can be convicted of criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree.

The reason why stun guns are illegal in New York is because of the supposed risk associated with them. Lawmakers have outlawed them because they believe that they can cause heart attacks and because they are alleged to ignite flammable liquids.

But then we have to ask ourselves why is it okay for firearms to be legal, but stun guns and electric dart guns are not?

Surely such a device that has been designed to deliver maximum protection to a person is a safer option to consider compared to a firearm?

Hopefully in the not too distant future we will see stun guns and electric dart guns becoming legal in the state, providing additional safety to those who need it who don’t want to rely upon a lethal firearm.

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