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Gadget fans who attend the International CES (consumer electronics show) in Las Vegas expect to see new home security and entertainment options each year. But smart, connected gizmos intended for parents had a strong presence at the 2015 show. The following 7 cool items raised our eyebrows.

SleepIQ Kids Smart Bed: Why should mom and dad be the only ones to get customized comfort? Just like Sleep Number adult mattresses, users can adjust the firmness of SleepIQ beds to their liking. But SleepIQ Kids beds have a few new tricks: The mattress head tilts up for reading or stuffy noses, and a sensor tracks when kids get out of bed — an under-the-bed light comes on for easier dark-bedroom navigation, and parents can download an app to be alerted of unexpected risings. That app also contains a Monster Detector (pictured) that can comfort anxious kids.

Pacif-i Smart Pacifier: It’s no fun wrestling with a cranky, sick baby trying to take his temperature. The Pacif-i makes getting that crucial information a whole lot easier. The Pacif-i looks much like a traditional pacifier, but connects to an app for Android and iPhone and transmits baby’s temperature. The app also has a medication tracker that makes monitoring dosage and timing easier, a temperature graph that can be shared with doctors, an alert that can be set to notify parents when babies wander a specified distance away, and a “find-me” buzzer that parents can set off with their smart phone if the Pacif-i is misplaced.

TempTraq wearable thermometer: Place a Band Aid-like patch under your child’s arm and the TempTraq system continuously monitors your child’s temperature, sending data to connected smart phones, with an alert that pops up for temperature spikes. Parents can record when children eat, drink or take medicine, and share a sick child’s temperature history with a care provider.

Voxx Baby on Board: Children die every year because parents unwittingly leave them strapped into their car seat in a hot motor vehicle. The Baby on Board sensor alerts connected mobile devices to let Mom/Dad/Grandma/the babysitter know there’s something extremely important they forgot. Available summer of 2015, according to Voxx’s website.

Baby Glgl: Got a bottle-fed babe? With a plastic sheath that fits over any baby bottle, Baby Glgl monitors your baby’s feeding patterns, sending data on volume consumed and feeding duration to smart phones. A built-in inclinometer calculates the best angle to reduce gas-causing air bubbles, flashing red at awkward angles and green when the proper angle is reached.

Brio Safe Outlet: Outlets are exciting to children, because if there is a hole, they will put something in it. The Brio outlet short-circuits danger by staying in “off” mode until a suitable appliance is plugged in. Paper clips, forks and small, inquisitive fingers won’t turn the outlet on, thus curious little ones are safe.

Grush: Turn tooth-brushing into a game with Grush, a Bluetooth-equipped toothbrush that acts like a video game controller. With visuals displayed on a connected smart phone, Grush users pretend like they’re chasing away tooth monsters, conducting an orchestra or grooming a pet as they brush. The system praises users for solid brushing technique, and allows parents to monitor tooth time.


Originally posted by Joyce Slayton for BabyCenter on 1/12/2015

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