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Smart home devices—from sophisticated WiFi cameras to motion sensors and smart plugs, sometimes all in one package—are a growing presence at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), with the 2015 event ushering in the biggest selection of products so far. Networking specialists like D-Link and Netgear are major players in the market, but the burgeoning sector leaves plenty of room for innovative solutions from an assortment of others, including Silicon Valley startups and Kickstarter successes. In addition to the standard, if ever-sleeker, solutions for home monitoring—including a video doorbell that connects to a mobile device—a few more fanciful items are interesting, including LG's uber-convenient dry cleaner for the home, complete with wrinkle-removing vibrations. A WiFi-enabled coffee maker also makes the cut, because what better way is there to get up in the morning than making coffee from bed? Many of these gadgets come with apps or other connectivity features that tie into your computer or mobile device, giving consumers new levels of control over their home environment—whether they're sitting on the sofa or lounging on the beach in Barcelona. - See more at:


Brio Child-Proof Outlets are a Kickstarter Success

Brio built an electrical outlet that takes the place of old and potentially dangerous outlet technology. This child-proof outlet resides in a default "off" state. Once the embedded sensor detects a valid plug, not a finger or knife, the outlet switches to 24V "sensing" mode. In sensing mode, Brio looks for the right level of resistance, which tells it it's an appropriate appliance like a lamp.
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