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The Brio Safe Outlet looks unlike any other device on the market and takes the lead for innovative genius when it comes to providing consumers with an electrical outlet that does not need covers to protect children and pets. Brio utilizes smart advanced microelectronics technology and can tell the difference between a genuine cord plug and a foreign object being inserted into one of its outlets. Parents that want an alternative to placing protective covers on their electrical outlets to keep their children safe will appreciate the great features that Brio has to offer.

Brio Safe Outlet Provides Protection from Shock Hazards

What makes the Brio Safe Outlet really stand out from traditional electrical outlets is its innate ability to sense and identify appropriate power sources. The regular outlets that most of us are accustomed to in our homes cannot tell the difference between a genuine electrical cord and a utensil or some other foreign object, so the result could be injury from electrical shocks and or burns.

What makes Brio so different from the old fashioned wall outlet is that a regular electrical outlet is always live, on, and connected. With the Brio Safe Outlet, the “default state” is off. Brio can recognize an authentic electrical plug with its sensors based upon its ability to identify the correct amount of resistance produced by an electrical appliance and its plug.

The Ingenuity of Brio Safe Technology and How it Works

With its intelligent thinking sensor system, the Brio Safe Outlet can accurately identify whether the connection is coming from the plug associated with an electrical device or whether it is a foreign object that perhaps a child is trying to insert into the outlet. Brio utilizes advanced innovative smart technology to acknowledge the “validity of the load” and only at that time will it engage the unit to its normal operating mode to provide an electrical current to the device.

Sensing and identifying the correct resistance is possible with the embedded technology that Brio uses to monitor objects being inserted into the outlet. Brio’s sensing mode is initially set at a lower level of 24V while it is detecting and confirming the presence of the object within the outlets. As a protective measure to keep consumers and their children and pets safe, Brio does not convert to the standard load of a full 120V until it accurately assesses that the object is indeed an electrical device.

The Origins of Brio and Physical Design

The Brio Safe Outlet sought and successfully received funding on the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter on December 18, 2014. Brio engaged in design and testing of their product as well as tooling and certifications during the third quarter of 2014. Product release for Brio took place during the last quarter of 2014 and mass production is scheduled for the second quarter of 2015.

With its cool and unique saucer shape and two appropriately placed outlets, Brio, as noted on the company website, “has a sleek design and adds a modern touch to your home.” Brio uses a colorful cobalt LED light to alert consumers to let them know when the outlet is at the level of override mode. Brio is fairly simple to set up and install and consumers can always contact the company directly with any questions or concerns about the product.

Brio Home Safety System Coming Soon

The Brio Home Safety System is currently in the works as another product being developed by the company and will be available for consumers to purchase in August of 2015. This system includes options for consumers to purchase individual Brio sensors that work in conjunction with a Brio Smart Outlet to detect carbon monoxide, smoke and water leaks.

Utilizing the Brio mobile app and networked wireless sensors, the Brio Home Safety System will monitor and detect harmful levels of carbon monoxide as well as smoke and water leaks within your home and quickly notify you with an alert that is sent to your mobile device such as a Smartphone or tablet.

The Brio sensors are placed throughout your home and connect and communicate with your Brio Smart Outlet. When the system detects danger it will sound off an audible alarm so that you and your family can quickly and safely exit. The Brio sensors have a LED light that provides peace of mind by letting users know that the system is functioning properly. The Brio Smart Outlet is regularly $99 but the company is offering a special savings discount of $20 off (at the time of this article). You can place your pre-order now to get a great deal and save 20% on the cost of the system.


Originally posted by Abbey Ketiing for Digital Landing on 02/16/2015

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