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Most anybody can probably remember being warned not to stick their fingers, forks, scissors, etc. into electrical outlets as a kid.  Brio would like to relegate those warnings to the pile of other outdated and antiquated risks with their new line of safe and smart electrical outlets. Brio’s technology can tell the difference between a plug needing power and a finger that doesn’t to prevent any unexpected shocks.

How do they do this?  To start, Brio outlets are off by default.  No power is provided to an inserted object until the outlet confirms that it is, in fact, a plug requiring power. Once the initial safety check has passed, Brio sends a lower power “Sensing Mode” to ensure that the appropriate resistance is returned. If this second check passes, the floodgates are opened and Brio provides the standard 120V that electrical devices desire.

In addition to their smart outlets, Brio also has a line of smart sensors which work directly with their outlets to help keep your home safe. Brio’s sensors can detect smoke, carbon monoxide, and flooding and report back to you via a smartphone app, or audible alarm.

Brio’s Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded back in December, so you won’t need to worry about any sort of sales pitch. Their outlets have, however, garnered a lot of positive attention.  At the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Brio was awarded an Honoree status in the Tech for a Better World, Home Appliances, and Accessible Technologies categories and were displayed at the Innovation Awards Showcase.


Originally posted by Justin Jelinek for TechAeris on 01/13/2015

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