Have you decided to take self protection serious? Good For You! The choices of self defense though can be overwhelming for sure! Should you get a Stun Gun or a Taser – what’s the difference? Have no fear – this is the Ultimate Guide in explaining what the best stun gun is, the stun gun of 2022, and help in finding what works for you.

Hang on tight – by the end of this article you’ll be ready to defend yourself! 🙂

Stun guns in 2023

We’ve researched, tested, and researched some more to make sure we make the most accurate recommendations for each person’s need. Below you’ll find the stun guns, stun flashlights, and stun batons for each category. Enjoy!

What is A Stun Gun

A stun gun does not fire any sort of projectile or bullets. Stun guns use an extremely strong battery to create an electric shock that when it touches another person shoots electricity to temporarily disable them. Now the nervous system is definitely a serious thing – but not to worry – there is no permanent damage.

Example Stun Guns
Example Stun Guns

A stun gun provides just enough of an electrical shock to give you the precious time you need to get away!

How to Use a Stun Gun

Stun guns are great for 2 purposes! One as a deterrent to prevent any bad guys, to begin with and secondly if you do have to actually use it to disable the bad guy for enough time for you to getaway.

As a deterrent, it’s super easy to use – all you have to do is “dry fire” it. Or, push the stun button and it will create an extremely loud and intimidating sound like a lightning bolt. More often than not this is enough of a warning sign to make a bad guy, wild dog, or any other attacker walk away and not bother you. You can “dry fire” it multiple times in case the first warning blast doesn’t do the trick.

What happens if you actually need to use it on someone? It’s as easy as making contact with their skin. Areas like their arm, leg, stomach, and especially their neck are great places to shock them. Once you’ve made contact the electrical charge that streams through their nervous system from the stun gun defense weapon is enough to incapacitate them for up to a minute. This is plenty of time for you to safely get away and call for help!

How Stun Guns Work

best stun gun current comparison

Low current level is what makes a stun gun safe to use. For all its power, high voltage in a stun gun is still safe

to handle. A good example is to think of a stun gun like a water gun. If low current is like water, then voltage would be like water under pressure. Water squirted from a regular water gun is no problem. When water is directed from a high pressure water hose, like the fire department uses, it’s enough to break up an angry mob – but it’s still just water. Higher voltage equals greater effectiveness in a shorter time.

The Truth about the Power of Stun Guns & the Voltage Myth

Is voltage King? Nope!

The market is filled with stun guns that feature claims to have millions of voltage. Be aware though, that is extremely difficult (almost impossible) to find equipment that can test and verify such high numbers. We do not manufacture stun guns, so we have no control over what THEY claim. However, with our years of experience (since 2003), we know that you can easily compare each stun gun’s power by test firing it; a stronger better stun gun will produce a louder sound and a more intense current in between the metal probe when test firing it. That’s why we provide product demonstration videos so you can judge it yourself.

Also – more important then voltage is actually the amperage the stun gun produces. In 2022 the Stun Guns listed below have a great balance of voltage and amperage so that they will keep you safe without any harm to you when using it, yet being most effective against the bad guy.

How We Rate and Review Our Stun Guns

The truth is, you really don’t know the quality of the unit until you hold it in your hand and test fire it. And that’s where we come in to help!

At Best Stun Gun, we want to help you find the stun gun that suits your needs, so we will give you the honest truth regarding each stun gun’s level of voltage, power, and most importantly – whether it is right for you!

We test every single model to verify and ensure its quality before adding it to our product selection and introducing it to you.

High quality Vs Low Quality Stun Guns

One way to distinguish the quality of a stun gun is its rechargeable battery (most newer model stun gun have built-in rechargeable batteries). Good and reliable stun guns use a high quality Ni-MH battery verses others that simply use AA or even AAA batteries. We do not sell any models that do not have reliable batteries or power sources that won’t provide proper protection for you!

Are Stun Guns Legal?

Stun guns are not considered firearms or “guns”. They are legal in most states; however currently HI, MA, MI, NY, RI and all U.S. Virgin Islands have chosen to not let you protect yourself. We do have a full guide with an explanation of stun gun laws and whether or not they are legal in your state.


Stun guns literally “stun” the target with a high level of electronic stimulation and cause a lot of pain while disabling them. The result of a good and strong stun gun is that they will stun the target but they also cause physical incapacitation. No matter which stun gun you prefer, it is definitely better than being empty handed when an attacker is standing in front of you.

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