How to Choose a TASER

How to Choose a TASER

TASER Models Designed For Civilians

TASER International makes three models designed to meet the needs of civilians. They are the TASER C2 , TASER M26C, and the TASER X2.




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Price $399.99 $499.95 $999.00
Is This Right For You? The C2 is specially designed for women or anyone who is looking for a simple-to-use, easy-to-carry, non-lethal self defense product that they can carry around or leave at home. Perfect choice for a security guard, bouncer, bounty hunter or anyone who is used to shooting a firearm and wants to intimidate the bad guy with just the look of the weapon. Perfect choice for a security guard, bouncer, bounty hunter or anyone who is used to shooting a firearm and wants to intimidate the bad guy with just the look of the weapon.
Design Features The C2 has a very unique and discrete design. It isn’t shaped like a weapon. It is small (6″ long) and light weight (only 7oz). It only has one button so it is extremely easy to operate. Each firing will send a 30-second pulse to keep the bad guy down. The M26C is purposely designed like a conventional firearm. It weights like a gun (18oz) and it aims like a gun. Its design is supposed to be intimidating looking as a scare tactic. So the bad guy would just give up when he sees it. This is one of the earlier designs by the manufacturer. Each firing will send a 5-second pulse to stop the attacker. The X2 is the best of both C2 and M26C. It has the light-weight design (7.2oz and 6″ long) like the C2 and conventional grip and aiming like the M26C. You can choose to send anywhere from 10s, 20s to 30s pulse to keep the assailant down.
Special Features
  • Safety Switch
  • Power Indicator
  • Laser Sight
  • LED Flashlight
  • Safety Switch
  • Power Indicator
  • Laser Sight
  • Safety Switch
  • Power Indicator
  • Laser Sight
  • LED Flashlight
Comparison Compare More Details Compare More Details Compare More Details
Price $399.99 $499.95 $999.00
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TASER Device Packages

Each TASER package has three main components: a TASER device, an air cartridge and a power source. Some of them are also equipped with integrated laser sights and built-in flashlights. The Laser sighting system allows you to paint the target and see exactly where you are aiming, especially in low light situations. Let’s look at each of the main components.

taser cartridge

Air Cartridge – Filled with compressed air, this piece fits into the front end of the weapon. Each air cartridge is good for one shot and has a shelf life of 5 years. When triggered, the cartridge opens and shoots a pair of 15-foot long wires tipped with barbed projectiles. That’s where you gain the advantage of distance. Since the wires are connected to the TASER device, you can send additional shocks that last from 5 to 30 seconds, depending on the model every time you pull the trigger. Those shocks are what keep the bad guy down. When you’re ready, click the button, pull out the spent air cartridge, and plug in a new one.

taser gun

TASER Device – Without the air cartridge, the TASER works as a hand held stun gun which you can use to make direct contact with the object.

Power Source – The X2 and the C2, are powered by the Lithium Power Magazine (LPM), are easy ttaser power sourceo replace. They can each be fired at least 50 times. The TASER M26C uses eight (8) regular AA batteries which are available virtually everywhere.

Points to Consider When Choosing Your TASER Device

Laser Sight – The value of an integrated laser sight is undeniable. When you can paint your target the already stressful situation is not complicated by trying to aim at the bad guy. Using this single feature can give you a huge psychological advantage over the attacker. When he sees the red dot on his own body, he knows he’s about to get stunned. Some experienced police officers state that upon seeing the laser spot, many would-be attackers give up and run. That point alone makes the laser sight worth having.

Shape – Most people are used to the sight and feel of a gun-shaped weapon. If you are among those comfortable with the traditional shape, then the TASER models X2 and M26C are worth a look. They are shaped a lot like a handgun and have a trigger guard, familiar to most users. The other model is the C2. It is sleek and streamlined. Because it is less bulky it can be carried discreetly in a belted holster, in the hand, or fit nicely in a purse.

Stun Duration – Different models of TASER devices have pulses that last for varying periods of time.

  • The TASER M26C send a series of pulses which last for five seconds.
  • The TASER C2 delivers electrical shocks for thirty seconds when fired. You can press the trigger again to send another series of shocks, once the previous barrage is completed. A safety feature allows the user to switch to the OFF position which immediately stops the pulses.
  • The TASER X2 offers more options. If you pull the trigger once it delivers a ten-second burst. If you pull the trigger twice in rapid succession it delivers a twenty-second burst. The third option is to pull the trigger three times for a pulse that lasts thirty-seconds.

Available TASER Models

taser x2

TASER X2 – This model features the Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) technology which delivers a shaped pulse that completely incapacitates the target. It includes a built-in laser sight in addition to a bright flashlight. You also get 6 Air Cartridges and a Digital Power Magazine Battery System. It contains power for up to 90 uses and boasts an impressive 10-year shelf life. The Air Cartridge Reloads are all capable of the 15-foot range and can be installed in under two seconds. The safety switch, which must be thumbed to allow firing, is designed to be used by either hand.

taser m26c

TASER M26C – This unit includes a pair of replacement Air Cartridges and 8 AA batteries. It is also 7.5 inches long and weighs 18 ounces. The M26C is equipped with trigger guard safety features and can be used with either hand. The M26C feature the Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) technology.

TASER C2 – This model features the NMI technology. It comes with a built-in laser sight and LEtaser c2D light, plus a spare Air Cartridge and the Lithium Power Magazine. The C2 also has a low profile Trigger Safety Cover to prevent accidental discharge.

Our Recommendation

Whether you prefer a traditionally gun-shaped weapon or the sleek, modern styling of the C2, we strongly recommend you choose a model equipped with the integrated laser sight, in spite of the additional cost. Especially since many attacks occur in low light situations, the advantage of a laser sight, plus a strong LED light, significantly improves your odds of survival. In many cases, police officers report that would-be attackers leave the area when they see the red dot painted on their chests, effectively ending what could have become a nasty confrontation. The psychological advantage is undeniable.

If you don’t have the weapon in your hand, it is no help at all, so convenience and portability are critical factors. We recommend carrying your TASER wherever and whenever you are allowed to do so. The TASER C2 is only 6 inches long and weighs a mere 7 ounces, making it small enough to fit into a pocket, purse or briefcase with ease. By comparison, the TASER M26C are both 7.5 inches long and weight two-and-a-half times as much.

The bulky TASER X2 is a good choice for security guards and others who are comfortable with gun-shaped weapons. It boasts several desirable features, but its size outweighs most of them. The TASER C2 offers all the important features like the X2 except for the pulse duration options, including the advanced NMI technology. Furthermore, since the C2 pulse duration is 30 seconds, the same as the longest option with the X2, the end result is virtually the same, but in a much sleeker package.

In the final analysis, feature by feature, including price points, we believe the TASER C2 is currently the best model for personal protection on the market today.

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