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Live Better With Brio

It’s our vision to create homes and daycare centers where children can play, laugh, and grow without the dangers of electrical outlets. Using no shock technology combined with wireless capabilities, we want to build better, safer homes.


Peace of Mind, Plain and Simple.

Typical outlets are loaded with 120V of electrical current at all times. Brio switches the default power mode on your outlet to OFF, eliminating risk of shock at the outlet.


Worry Less About Electrical Shock Hazards.

Plastic outlet covers are the ubiquitous solution to the electrical hazard problem. But anyone who’s spent time with a toddler will tell you that plastic outlet covers are no match for their ingenuity. The very item that was meant to protect children becomes a danger as it turns into a new toy. With Brio technologies, you don’t have to worry about little fingers playing with those plastic outlet covers.


Your Home’s Safety Net.

Brio Outlets don’t stop at shock free. With integrated wireless technology, Brio Sensors and the Brio Mobile App work together to alert you to the potential danger of flood, fire, or deadly carbon monoxide in your home.


Hidden Dangers Become a Little Less Hidden.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly, odorless, and tasteless gas, that can build up in your home and go completely undetected without a specialized monitor. Brio CO Sensors work together with the Smart Outlet, giving you warnings through the Brio Mobile App when CO levels are present, giving you time to take action.


No More Unexpected Messes. (Well, at least not from water leaks)

Have you ever headed to your wash room to throw a load of laundry in the dryer, only to discover that your washing machine spent the last hour flooding your floors instead of washing your clothes? Water damage caused by leaks are costly to fix. But now Brio Sensors can be placed in areas that are prone to water leaks, such as the wash room or behind the refrigerator, and they’ll work with the Smart Outlet and app to alert you at the first sign of water.


Fire Safety You Can Count On.

Unlike traditional smoke detectors, Brio Smoke Sensors will use your mobile app to alert you of low battery notices. So instead of removing the batteries to silence your incessantly chirping smoke detector and leaving your home unprotected, you’ll get a simple alert on your smart phone that will allow you enough notice to change the batteries, without the annoyance. Brio Smoke Sensors work together with the Smart Outlet, giving you warnings through the Brio Mobile App at the first sign of smoke in your home, giving you time to take action.


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