MobileHelp Review 2024

Our health and safety should remain a top priority in today’s fast-paced world. Having a reliable and efficient system to call for help in emergencies is essential, whether at home or on the go.

That’s where medical alert systems come into play, offering peace of mind to individuals and their loved ones by providing instant access to assistance whenever it’s needed most. These innovative devices have been revolutionizing how we approach personal safety, and one company that has consistently stood out is MobileHelp.



  • GPS Tracking for Enhanced Safety
  • Reliable Emergency Response
MobileHelp Review

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In this medical alert system review, we’ll dive into MobileHelp, the leading medical alert system provider, and explore their latest offerings in 2023. We’ll discuss the key features, benefits, drawbacks, and user experiences to determine if MobileHelp is a standout choice in the ever-growing medical alert systems market. Whether you’re a senior looking for a reliable solution or a caregiver seeking the best option for your loved one, this MobileHelp review will provide valuable insights to make an informed decision.

What is MobileHelp Medical Alert System?

MobileHelp is a leading provider of M-PERS (Mobile-Personal Emergency Response System) technology in the US. They offer innovative products like DUO, the first fully integrated medical alert system with GSM/GPS technology. Their solutions cater to many users, including those without home telephone lines (SOLO) and those seeking traditional medical alert systems (Classic Help).

MobileHelp’s M-PERS devices are seamlessly integrated with nationwide wireless networks and GPS technology, enabling real-time monitoring and location tracking for expedited emergency assistance. They also provide MobileHelp Connect, an event notification and online tracking platform for family and caregiver involvement.

With certifications like FCC, PTCRB, UL-1635, UL-1637, and AT&T Network, MobileHelp ensures quality, safety, and compliance.

How Do MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems Work?

MobileHelp medical alert systems operate through a simple and efficient process to ensure your safety, whether at home or away. Here’s how they work:

  1. Press your pendant or portable emergency button: In case of an emergency, simply press the pendant or portable emergency button provided by MobileHelp. These compact and easy-to-use devices can be worn comfortably.
  2. Your information and location are sent to the MobileHelp Emergency Operators: Once you press the button, your information, including your identity and precise location, is instantly transmitted to the capable Emergency Response Center at MobileHelp. These monitoring center operators in the United States are available 24/7 to assist you.
  3. U.S.-based Emergency Operator establishes two-way communication and assesses the situation: Upon receiving your distress signal, the Emergency Operator establishes a two-way communication link through the medical alert system. This allows them to communicate with you directly and evaluate the situation promptly, gathering essential details and understanding your needs.
  4. Operator contacts a neighbor, family member, or emergency services based on a specific need: Based on the gathered information and the urgency of the situation, the skilled operator from the monitoring center takes immediate action. They can contact a designated neighbor or family member, informing them about the emergency and providing crucial details. The operator can also contact emergency services, ensuring that professional help is dispatched promptly to your location.

MobileHelp Key Features

Risk-Free Trial

MobileHelp offers a 30-day trial period, allowing you to try their system without risk or obligation.

Exceptional Customer Support

With 100% U.S.-based sales and customer service, MobileHelp guarantees patients and helpful consultants who can answer all your questions and provide support.

No Long-Term Contracts or Hidden Fees

Unlike many other companies, MobileHelp does not require long-term contracts or charge hidden fees. There’s no equipment to purchase, and they provide free shipping.

Highly Rated Reviews

MobileHelp consistently receives excellent rankings on leading independent review websites, making them one of the top-rated medical alert companies.

GPS Tracking for Enhanced Safety

Medical alert systems with GPS tracking offered by MobileHelp provide greater safety in emergencies. GPS technology allows for precise location pinpointing, enabling faster emergency assistance.

Integration of Nationwide Wireless Voice, Data, and GPS Technology

MobileHelp’s systems seamlessly integrate with nationwide wireless voice, data, and GPS technology. This integration ensures real-time medical monitoring services and accurate location tracking.

Comprehensive Range of Senior Care Services

MobileHelp offers a comprehensive range of in-home senior care services in addition to medical alert systems through its partnership with Senior Helpers. These services cater to various needs, from specialized care for chronic diseases to companion services for assistance with daily activities.

Pros and Cons of Medical Guardian


  • Reliable Emergency Response: MobileHelp offers 24/7 US-based monitoring, ensuring immediate assistance in emergencies.
  • Wide Range of Products: MobileHelp provides a variety of medical alert systems tailored to different needs, including in-home and on-the-go options.
  • GPS Tracking Capability: Many MobileHelp systems come with GPS tracking, allowing emergency services to quickly locate and aid individuals in need, whether at home or outside.
  • No Long-Term Contracts: MobileHelp offers flexible payment options without requiring long-term contracts, providing customers with freedom and affordability.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: MobileHelp has garnered favorable customer reviews and consistently ranked as one of the top medical alert companies across leading independent review websites.


  • Additional Charges: Some features and services, such as Connect Premium and certain accessories, come with additional charges, which may increase the overall cost for customers.
  • Limited Coverage Areas: While MobileHelp utilizes AT&T coverage, service availability and access to the cellular network may vary, potentially resulting in limited coverage in certain areas.
  • Fall Detection Limitations: The fall detection feature, although helpful, may not detect all falls, and users should still manually press the help button when assistance is required.
MobileHelp Classic

MobileHelp Products

MobileHelp offers a range of medical alert systems with different features to meet various needs. Here’s a summary of each product:

MobileHelp Classic

A system with an in-home base unit and a waterproof help button for summoning emergency help. It does not require a landline, has a remote activation range of 1400 ft, and offers 24/7 US-based monitoring.

MobileHelp Wired Home

An affordable landline-based system with a wearable help button and up to 600 feet of coverage. On most plans, it has two-way communication capability, 24/7/365 emergency monitoring, and free ground shipping.

MobileHelp Touch Classic

This easy-to-use system combines traditional emergency response features with a sleek tablet format. It offers a plug-and-play setup, a scrolling picture gallery, and additional benefits like activity tracking and medication reminders.

MobileHelp Solo

A system with a mobile unit for home and on the go, along with a waterproof help button. It features GPS tracking, remote activation, compatibility with the MobileHelp Fall Button, and 24/7 US-based monitoring.

MobileHelp Micro

The smallest and lightest version of MobileHelp’s patented mobile device. It includes GPS for accurate location tracking, water resistance, voice guidance, optional automatic fall detection, and an automated test button.

MobileHelp Duo

This system includes an in-home base unit, a mobile unit, and a waterproof help button. It offers GPS tracking, remote activation, compatibility with the MobileHelp Fall Button, and 24/7 US-based monitoring.

Mobile Duo

The industry’s only 2-for-the-price-of-1 GPS medical alert system. It includes two help buttons, water-repellent technology, 24/7 emergency monitoring, two-way communication at home and away, and patented GPS technology.

MobileHelp Touch Duo

This system combines emergency response features with customizable benefits and easy-to-use health and safety applications. It acts as an in-home connection hub between you and your caregivers.

Each product has different pricing options, including annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly plans.

MobileHelp Costs

Here are the costs for each MobileHelp product:

MobileHelp Classic

  • Annual: $359.40 per year
  • Semi-Annual: $179.70 for 6 months
  • Quarterly: $98.85 for 3 months
  • Monthly: $34.95 per month or $19.95 for the first month

MobileHelp Wired Home

  • Annual: $299.40 per year
  • Semi-Annual: $149.70 for 6 months
  • Quarterly: $80.85 for 3 months
  • Monthly: $26.95 per month

MobileHelp Touch Classic

  • Annual: $599.40 per year
  • Semi-Annual: $299.70 for 6 months
  • Quarterly: $164.85 for 3 months
  • Monthly: $54.95 per month

MobileHelp Solo

  • Annual: $419.40 per year or $384.45 for the first year
  • Semi-Annual: $219.70 for 6 months
  • Quarterly: $122.85 for 3 months
  • Monthly: $41.95 per month

MobileHelp Micro

  • Annual: $395.40 per year
  • Semi-Annual: $207.70 for 6 months
  • Quarterly: $116.85 for 3 months
  • Monthly: $39.95 per month

MobileHelp Duo System

  • Annual: $503.40 per year or $461.45 for the first year
  • Semi-Annual: $251.70 for 6 months
  • Quarterly: $134.85 for 3 months
  • Monthly: $46.95 per month

Mobile Duo

  • Annual: $539.40 per year or $494.45 for the first year
  • Semi-Annual: $269.70 for 6 months
  • Quarterly: $143.85 for 3 months
  • Monthly: $49.95 per month

MobileHelp Touch Duo

  • Annual: $719.40 per year or $599.40 for the first year
  • Semi-Annual: $359.70 for 6 months or $299.70 for the first 6 months
  • Quarterly: $194.85 for 3 months or $164.85 for the first 3 months
  • Monthly: $64.95 per month or $54.95 for the first month

Please note that these prices are subject to change, and it’s recommended to visit the MobileHelp website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Other MobileHelp Charges and Discounts

MobileHelp offers additional charges and benefits with its Connect Premium service. For just $6/month, customers can enjoy various advantages, saving them money and providing extra features:

  1. Equipment Replacement: Connect Premium protects against costly replacements of lost or damaged equipment. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars, customers may have no charges or a small deductible, potentially saving them significant amounts.
  2. Price Guarantee: Customers who subscribe to Connect Premium enjoy a price lock for two years from the service’s start date, ensuring they won’t face rate increases during that period (excluding promotional rates).
  3. Discounts on MobileHelp Services and Products:
    • 25% off all Accessories and MobileVitals service.
    • 50% off Medication Reminders and Activity Tracking when purchased with Fall Button.
    • 30 Extra Pings per month for Location Detection on the MobileHelp Connect portal ($72/year value).

MobileHelp also provides several free benefits to its customers:

  • Equipment: While actively subscribing to the service plan, equipment is included at no additional cost.
  • Ground shipping: Most plans offer free shipping (valued at $15).
  • Lockbox: Each order includes a free lockbox (valued at $29.95) to store keys for emergency access securely.
  • Activation: Activation of the service is provided for free (valued at $99).

Furthermore, MobileHelp offers additional advantages:

  • No landline or cellular contract is required.
  • No long-term contracts are needed.
  • Utilizes AT&T coverage┬╣ for reliable service (coverage can be checked on the AT&T website).
  • A risk-free 30-day trial period is available, offering a full refund if the equipment is returned within the initial 30 days.
  • The monthly plan requires a one-time $49.95 processing fee.
  • Local taxes may apply.

Note: The Fall Button does not detect all falls, and users should still press the help button when assistance is needed. It is not intended to replace a caregiver. Certain conditions apply, and prices are subject to change without notice.

MobileHelp FAQ

Can I wear MobileHelp medical alert devices in the shower?

Yes, the MobileHelp system offers waterproof help buttons that can be worn in the shower for added safety and convenience.

Can I use MobileHelp if I don’t have a landline?

Absolutely! MobileHelp offers systems that do not require a landline connection. They utilize cellular technology to ensure reliable communication.

How far is the range of a MobileHelp medical alert device?

The range of MobileHelp devices varies depending on the model. Some mobile devices offer a range of up to 1400 feet, while others provide coverage up to 600 feet.

Is MobileHelp monitoring available 24/7?

Yes, MobileHelp’s monitoring services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their team of professional operators is ready to assist you in case of emergencies.

What happens if I accidentally activate the emergency button?

If you accidentally activate the emergency button, you can quickly notify the MobileHelp operator that it was a false alarm. They will confirm your safety and ensure that no further action is taken.

Can I cancel my MobileHelp service?

Yes, MobileHelp allows you to cancel your service at any time. However, it’s recommended to review their cancellation policy and terms to understand any applicable fees or requirements.

Is MobileHelp compatible with other medical devices or systems?

MobileHelp systems are designed to work independently but can be compatible with certain medical devices, such as fall buttons or activity tracking accessories offered by MobileHelp.

Final Verdict

In 2023, MobileHelp will continue to be a reliable and reputable provider of medical alert systems. Their wide range of products, including in-home and on-the-go options, cater to various needs and ensure immediate assistance with their 24/7 US-based monitoring. Including GPS tracking in many of their systems enhances safety by enabling quick location identification during emergencies.

One of the standout features of MobileHelp is its flexibility, offering no long-term contracts and allowing customers to choose payment plans that suit their needs. The positive customer reviews and consistent recognition as one of the top medical alert companies further validate their quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.

However, it’s important to note that additional charges for certain features and services, such as MobileHelp Connect Premium and accessories, could impact the overall cost for customers. Additionally, while MobileHelp utilizes AT&T coverage, service availability and access to the cellular network may be limited in certain areas.

Overall, MobileHelp remains a reliable and trusted choice in line with the other medical alert systems, offering peace of mind and prompt assistance in times of need. Customers can benefit from their range of products, flexible options, and positive reputation, making MobileHelp a solid option for individuals seeking reliable and convenient medical alert solutions in 2023.

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