Protect Yourself with a Stun Gun at Night

protect yourself at night with a stun gun

Did you know that there were 9273 murders, 29758 acts of forcible rape, 369105 aggravated assaults that occurred in 2006? That’s one happening every minute. If you think this is just a number and it is not going to happen to you and your family, think again!

According to the FBI annual uniform crime report, most of these crimes take place at night. If you have a job at a hospital, restaurant, factory or retail store that often requires getting off work late at night, you need something to protect yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female; criminals often pick their victim based on vulnerability not gender. If they know you are not prepared or they consider you an easy target, you could become the next victim.

Police officers often teach self defense classes in the local community. One thing they teach is that the most effective aspect of self defense is awareness. If you want to avoid being a crime victim, you first have to realize that there is possibility that you could become one. You have to face the reality that crimes happen all the time and it could happen to anyone including you and your loved ones. So being prepared is the number one way to save yourself when the situation arises.

Our Recommendations

We recommend the following stun guns for personal protection.

Streetwise Small Fry Stun Gun (view more info)

  • Huge stopping power in a tiny package
  • Easily carry in pocket or purse
  • Perfect for small hand size


The 8,800,000 volt Streetwise Small Fry Mini Stun Gun is highly recommended to anyone who needs personal protection. This unit has the highest voltage available for a stun gun. The higher the voltage is, the faster the immobilization. Also, this small stun gun is only 3″ inches long (half the size of a dollar bill). It is very easy for anyone to carry around or bring to work.

When you test-fire the unit, you can actually see the current going through the metal plate at the tip of the stun gun. This is very intimidating. It also makes a very loud cracking noise. We actually had a customer who had to defend herself with it. She said that she test-fired the stun gun in front of the attacker and the loud cracking noise actually made the attacker jump and run away.

If you feel that someone is following you or they want to hurt you, test-fire this mini stun gun in front of them and let them know that you are not an easy target.


Diablo Flashlight Stun Gun (view more info)

  • Easily take down an attacker
  • Disguised as a flashlight – easily goes unnoticed
  • Slim and light weight design for easy carrying

The flashlight stun gun works very similarly to the Streetwise Mini Stun Gun. It is very powerful and will also make a loud cracking noise when you test-fire it.

The advantage of the flashlight stun gun is that it is disguised as a regular small flashlight. No one would know that you are holding a powerful stun device in your hand.

This item also has a bonus feature. It comes with 160 lumen flashlight. It is super bright and it does come in handy.

TASER Pulse (view more info)

  • Provides up to 15 feet of distant safety
  • Doubles as stun gun for close contact
  • Laser beam sight insures accurate aim


This is by far the best and most innovative self defense product on the market today. It is the only product that will give you a maximum of 15 feet distance from the attacker, keeping you safely out of harm’s way. Pull the trigger and the TASER shoots out two small probes. The probes latch onto the assailant and deliver a powerful signal that completely overrides his central nervous system, leaving him totally immobilized.

The TASER C2 will also work as a contact stun gun for close distance use. If your shot misses the attacker, all you need to do is unplug the air cartridge and hold the TASER against the attacker’s body. The take down power is just as effective.

The Pulse model with the laser-aiming feature is highly encouraged. Not only will it increase your chances of hitting the subject under stress, it will also make a psychological impact when the laser is pointed on the attacker. When they see it they will know that they are about to experience a painful electrical shock if they move one step closer to you.

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