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Relax. It’s Brio, baby!

How can something so cool and sophisticated bring such incredible peace of mind?
Because it’s Brio, baby!

The Brio Smart outlet wall unit is the brains behind this amazing 360-degree smart home monitoring system, and the new face of smart home safety. With a strikingly sophisticated design and innovative functionality it revolutionizes the power outlet, making traditional ones shockingly outdated.

The Brio Smart power outlet is the hub of your smart home system

Your Brio Home Safety System works hard behind the scenes to protect you and your loved ones.

The Brio Home Safety System uses a network of wireless sensors positioned throughout your home.

Each of these “high-tech helpers” is a specialist in detecting dangers in your home - when they detect smoke, water or harmful carbon monoxide gas, the appropriate Brio sensor sends a signal to the Brio wall unit, which instantly communicates with your Brio mobile app so you can react quickly.

If your phone is off, or not in reach, the sensors will alert you with an audio alarm. 

How They Work

Brio Sensors are placed around your home within range of the smart outlet and monitor around the clock. When the Brio Sensors detect an issue, your smartphone app or in-sensor alarm alerts you to find the potential hazard.

Smart protection and smart design make for one smart decision.

These smart sensors use smart home technology to save you from dangers

Smart Outlet Technology from Brio: Your Smart home power outlet provider

Brio Smart Outlet

Electrical Specifications
Amperage: 15 Amp
Voltage: 125 Volt
NEMA: 5-15R
Pole: 2
Wire: 3
Microcontroller: ARM Cortex M-0 32 bits
WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n
Wireless: Zigbee
Environmental Specifications
Flammability: Rated V-2 per UL94
Operating Temperature: -20C to 60C
Material Specifications
Line Contacts: Brass Triple-Wipe
Terminal Screws: Brass 10-32
Grounding Screw: Brass 8-32
Clamp Nuts: Zinc-Plated Steel
Ground Clips: Brass-Plated
Face/Body Material: ABS
Line Contacts: Phosphor Bronze
Terminal Screws: Plated Brass
Grounding Screw: Plated Steel
Strap Material: Galvanized Steel with Riveted Ground Contacts
Clamp Nuts: Galvanized Steel
Ground Clips: Brass
Mechanical Specifications
Terminal ID: Brass-Hot, Green-Ground, White-Neutral
Terminal ID: Brass-Hot, Green-Ground, Silver-Neutral
Wire Gauge: 14-10 AWG
Standards Certifications
UL498: File E13399
UL Fed Spec WC-596: File E13399
CSA C22.2 No. 42: File 152105

Who knew peace of mind could be so simple?

Smart Outlet Sensor by Brio

With the Brio mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll feel protected wherever you are—in or out of the house. Advanced wireless technology combine to send you instant alerts from your Brio Home Safety System when it detects dangers like flooding, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Peace of mind, anywhere, anytime. Brio brings it.  And so can you.


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