Know How To Protect Yourself in a Street Fight

use a taser in a street fightIt is important to know how to protect yourself in an attack so that you can avoid becoming another statistic in tomorrow’s news headlines. Here we show you how in six simple steps.

In the United States the rate of violent victimization increased 17 percent from 19.3 victimizations per 1,000 persons aged 12 and older in 2010 to 22.5 percent in 2011, according to data conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. This is why knowing how to avoid becoming another victim is vital to staying out of harm’s way and ahead of someone else’s idea of harming you.


  1. Think about potential situations where you will need to protect yourself. No two situations are the same, so take some time to think about what a potential attacker could do from different sides in various situations such as at night, in daylight, with large numbers of people around or if you are alone. Thinking about the different situations beforehand will mean that you have a greater chance of avoiding being shocked and panicked.

  2. Take a self defense course. By actually going through different situations with a professional self defense instructor gives you the opportunity to experience what your actions would be if it was a real life situation.

  3. Avoid a confrontation the best way you can. If you find yourself in a confrontation that you can’t avoid, the best way you can prevent any unwanted attention it is important that you simply assert yourself by showing that you are not someone who is easily threatened. Actual physical confrontation should in fact be your last line of defense; however, there will be times when that is the only option you have available to you.

  4. Remain calm. The calmer you are, the better you will be able to assess the situation and find ways of escaping.

  5. Bear in mind that size does play a part. Contrary to popular belief size does actually play a significant role if you are faced with an assailant who is bigger than you. Just because you may have some martial arts skills under your belt, don’t assume that you can take on anyone regardless of how much bigger they are compared to you.

  6. Talk your way out. If you can talk your way out of a situation do it. By showing empathy toward a person who intends to harm you means that they will see you on the same level as them and will make them less likely to harm you. By relating to them in some way can also help too.

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