Stun Guns for Stopping Home Intruder

stun guns for stopping home intruders
According to the FBI statistics, “in 2009, there were an estimated 2,199,125 burglaries”. That’s one every 15 seconds. If your home is next, are you prepared?

  • 2,199,125 burglaries in 2009
  • One every 15 seconds


Benefits of owning a Stun Gun:

    • Increases your chance of survival
    • Much safer to store than a firearm for home with your children
    • No permanent damage to attacker, so you can live with yourself

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Are you truly safe at home? Let’s talk about it.

If you don’t have a home security system, you are definitely taking a bigger risk. But let just say you do, imagine the alarm goes off and now you know an intruder is in your house. What will you do then? You might try to leave your house and let them burglarize your home, but what if you don’t have enough time to get out, or what if you were asleep at night? Are you going to let them do whatever they wish to you and your family? Rape, murder, anything could happen. Are you prepared to defend yourself and your family?

Some people might choose to equip themselves with a gun for that purpose. It is no doubt a very effective way to stop an intruder. But are you ready to pull the trigger knowing you might kill someone or cause some serious injury? Or do you just want to have something to stop the intruder and give you time to leave and call the police? If you are looking for a less lethal way to protect yourself, a stun gun or TASER might be your answer.

Our Recommendations

We recommend the following stun guns for stopping home intruder.

  • Provides up to 15 feet of distant safety
  • Doubles as stun gun for close contact
  • Laser beam sight insures accurate aim

Experts say if they had an intruder in their house, they wouldn’t count on anything but a TASER C2. It is by far the most effective product for home protection in the market. It is the only product that will give you a 15-foot range keeping you at a safe distance from an intruder. Pull the trigger and the TASER will shoot two small probes up to 15 feet from the intruder. The probes latch on and deliver a powerful signal that completely overrides the intruder’s central nervous system and immobilizes him.

The TASER C2 will also work as a contact stun gun for close-distance use. If you miss the attacker, all you need to do is unplug the air cartridge and hold the TASER against the attacker’s body. The take down power is just as effective.

When you fire the TASER C2, it will deliver a thirty second discharge. That thirty seconds is your window of opportunity to leave the TASER and run away. Don’t worry about leaving the TASER behind because the manufacturer actually provides a lifetime replacement warranty – if you use a TASER C2 to defend yourself and you file a police report, the manufacturer will replace your C2 for free.

We would strongly encourage you to get the optional laser aiming model because not only does it increase your chances of hitting the subject while under stress, it will also make a psychological impact when the laser is pointed on the attacker. When they see it they will know that they are about to experience a 30-second electrical shock if they move one step closer to you.

Streetwise Stun Baton 18″

  • Extended length keeps bad guy at a distance
  • Shaft shock area adds surprise safety factor
  • Test firing can scare off would-be assailant


The 18″ stun baton is the most desirable choice for home protection, after the TASER. It is 18 inches long and 800,000 Volts. The length of the unit helps you to maintain a small distance from the attacker, immobilizing him quicker than other contact stun guns with less confrontation time. The high voltage is very powerful and acts quickly to take the attacker down.

This 18-inch stun baton also has a shockable surface extending 8.5 inches down from the tip of the baton on either side. This feature will prevent an assailant from grabbing the stun baton and taking it away from you.

Blast Knuckles

  • Reliable stopping power
  • Wear discreetly for instant protection
  • Perfect to carry without pocket or purse


The last option would be the 950,000 Volt blast knuckles. The high voltage makes sure the intruder is going to pay. The unique knuckle design is very intimidating and easy to use. The unit is firmly held in your hand by slipping your fingers through the rings and forming a fist. This provides a very good grip on the unit and is unlikely to be dropped. Although the blast knuckles are meant to be used as a stun device, the material is strong enough do some damage if you have to use it to punch the attacker and fight for your life.

Double the power by having one on each hand. This should increase the chance that you can fight the intruder away.

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