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Brio Safe Outlet Technology

Our patented technology comes from controlling the power provided from the outlet by sensing the electrical demand.

Three Stages of Protection

Typical electrical outlets are always live with 120V of electricity, but Brio outlets are always off.

When something enters the outlet, Brio determines if the object is a proper plug. If Brio detects that the object is not a plug, it will not release current.

Once the outlet knows that there is a plug inserted, it switches into a 24V “sensing” mode. In this mode, the outlet uses embedded sensors to confirm that the device being plugged in has the proper resistance. Brio can tell the difference between the resistance generated by a lamp, and that of a human finger, and will only release a full 120V to an appliance that needs power

When a Brio power outlet detects a connection, our embedded sensors confirm it's an electric device - not a person or pet.

With a device, our smart technology confirms the validity of the load and only then will Brio switch from safe to normal mode.

The Brio Home Safety System 

To keep your family out of danger, the Brio home safety system uses a network of wireless tokens positioned throughout your home. Each of these “high-tech helpers” is a specialist, designed to detect things like smoke, water and carbon monoxide (CO). When they detect smoke, water or harmful carbon monoxide gas, these tokens send a signal to the Brio wall unit, which instantly communicates with your Brio mobile app so you can react quickly and effectively.

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