The Effectiveness of Stun Guns

effectiveness of stun gunsStun guns are more effective and safe to use compared to traditional firearms. Here we learn more about the effectiveness of a device that has been around for decades.

Owning a stun gun for one’s protection is a far better option to make compared to other forms of devices, which often have lethal repercussions such as with a firearm. However, unlike other weapons used by police, stun guns do not function at any distance. In order for them to work the stun gun’s two diodes must be in contact with an individual while the trigger is depressed.

The exact duration of the shock will vary, but it can be anywhere from three to five seconds.

Of course, an element of surprise means that the person using the stun gun will have the opportunity to deliver a shock far longer than if the element of surprise wasn’t there. Areas that have the most effective response include the back, shoulder or hip. The stun gun itself, without actually using it, can also be an effective deterrent, particularly if the stun gun has been activated and it triggers a blue arc of electricity.

There are other factors to consider that play a part in the stun gun’s effectiveness. For example, an attacker’s physical size is an important one to consider. A larger person will need a greater voltage or longer exposure to a stun gun in order for them to be subdued. While on the other hand some models will deliver a higher voltage compared to others, which means that some devices will temporarily disable a person far quicker than others.

Knowing, however, that this device is being used for added protection means that individuals who require extra safety can rest assured that they have it. According to data from RAINN, 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Regardless of who you are you should not have to feel victimized wherever you go.

This is why owning a stun gun is an empowering step that a person can take when it comes to their safety.

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