Types of Handgun Safes: Your Guide to Buying the Right One

February 24, 2023

A handgun safe is an essential purchase for any gun owner. It’s a necessary piece of equipment to keep your firearms secure and out of the hands of children or unauthorized users. But with so many different types and brands of handgun safes on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of handgun safes available and help you choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

Different Types of Handgun Safes

There are many different types of gun safes on the market today. Here are six of the most popular:

Biometric Gun Safes

A biometric gun safe is becoming increasingly widespread, thanks to its convenience and added security. These safes use your fingerprint as a key to gain access, so you’ll never have to worry about losing or forgetting your combination.

Dial Lock Gun Safes

Dial lock gun safes are some of the most popular types of safes on the market. They are relatively inexpensive, have quick access, and offer a fair amount of security. However, they are not as secure as some other types of safes on the market, and they can be difficult to open if you forget the combination.

Electronic Gun Safes

Electronic gun safes are a great choice if you’re looking for convenience and ease of use. These safes can be opened with a keypad or fingerprint reader, and they often come with built-in lights and other features that make them easy to use in the dark. Waterproof gun safes are ideal for storing your firearms in areas where moisture is a concern, such as near a pool or in a basement.

Waterproof Gun Safes

Waterproof gun safes are another popular option. These safes are designed to dry your gun in the event of a flood or other water damage. They are also usually more expensive than other types of safes.

Fireproof Gun Safes

Fireproof gun safes are designed to protect your firearms from fire damage, and they’re an excellent choice for homes in areas at risk for wildfires. Finally, wall gun safes are a great option if you’re looking for maximum security. These safes are mounted to the wall, making them extremely difficult to break into.

Wall Gun Safes

Wall gun safes are a great option if you have limited space. These safes can be mounted on the wall and take up very little space. However, they are not as secure as some other types of safes on the market.

As gun owners, which type of handgun safe is right for you? It depends on your needs and preferences. Consider what you value most: security, speed, or discretion. Whichever type of safe you choose, ensure it’s one you’re comfortable with and meets your needs.

Different Features of Handgun Safes

When choosing a safe handgun, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Here are some of the most significant features to look for:


You’ll want to ensure the safe is large enough to fit your gun (or guns). It’s also important to consider how much space you have available. A smaller safe might be a better option if you’re short on space.


A heavier safe will be more difficult to carry off during a burglary. It’s also important to consider the weight of the safe when deciding where to place it. You may not want to put a heavy safe on a shelf that could collapse under its weight.


Look for a safe that’s made out of sturdy materials like steel. You’ll also want to ensure the safe has a thick, reinforced door.

Lock Mechanism

The type of lock is important to consider. A biometric lock will allow you to open the safe quickly and easily with your fingerprint. A keypad lock is another option that can be quick and easy to use. Finally, a combination lock is a more traditional option that can be more difficult to use but is also more secure.


A good warranty will give you peace of mind if something goes wrong with the safe. Make sure the safe you choose comes with a good warranty. This will protect you in case the safe is damaged or defective.

What is the Best Handgun Safe for Home Use?

There are many different types of handgun safes on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. Here are some things to consider when choosing a handgun safe for home use:

The safe size: You will need to ensure that the safe is large enough to accommodate your gun collection.

The types of locking mechanisms: You will want to choose a safe that has a reliable locking mechanism to keep your guns secure.

The price: You will want to find a safe that fits your budget.

Once you have considered all of these factors, you can narrow down your choices and select the best handgun safe for your needs. With so many different options on the market, choosing the right one can seem daunting. However, if you take the time to consider your needs, you will be able to find the perfect safe for your home.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Handgun Safe?

When considering a safe handgun, there are several important factors to remember. The first is the size of the safe. You’ll want to make sure that it’s large enough to accommodate all of your handguns and any other valuables you want to keep stored safely. The second factor is the weight of the safe. A heavier safe will be more difficult for a burglar to carry off, so it’s worth considering if security is your top priority. Finally, look at the features offered by different safes and choose one with the combination of features that best meets your needs.

With these factors in mind, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect handgun safe for your home.


So there you have it, a breakdown of the different types of handgun safes available on the market. With any luck, this guide has helped you narrow down your search and find the right safe for your needs. As always, be sure to consult with a professional before making any final decisions.

Happy shopping! And remember, when it comes to gun safety, there is no such thing as being too cautious.

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