Will a Stun Gun Offer Protection?

stun gun for protectionIn the 21st century, how does one go about protecting themselves from harm? Granted there are firearms that one can purchase; however, these come with their own, often fatal, ramifications.

As such there are more people turning their attention to the wide variety of stun guns, TASERS, pepper spray and alarms when it comes to maintaining their safety without worrying about the implications.

Last year, there were over 1.2 million violent crimes committed nationwide according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but while this may have seen a 3.8 percent decrease on 2010 figures, the number is still a high one that needs to be tackled.

So, how exactly would a stun gun protect someone?

A stun gun is a hand-held, battery-powered or electrically charged self defense device that has been designed to deliver a strong electrical charge that it powerful enough to stop an attacker, but less lethal compared to a firearm. It is important to understand that these are not guns in the conventional sense as they don’t shoot bullets. Instead, they produce electricity on the two prongs situated at the end of the device.

Once activated an attacker will feel a strong electrical current from the prongs, which are powerful enough to go through thin layers of clothing. A person will be immobilized for a short while depending on how long they were stunned for, but because they have such low amperage there is no risk of serious or permanent injury inflicted on the attacker.

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Completely safe to use, stun guns operate on batteries and can range from 800,000 volts to 1,000,000 volts providing a wide range for those who need such a device for their safety. The stun provided from the device will be enough to startle the attacker, giving them intense pain and muscle contraction. During contact, the attacker will experience a few seconds of pain, muscle spasms and a dazed mental state of mind, which will force them to the ground. Over this period, you will have plenty of time to make your escape from harm without having to worry about fatal ramifications that other weapons would leave behind.

So, how does one protect themselves in the 21st century? Through the use of a stun gun.

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