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Personal safety should be one of our primary concerns in the present environment where crime rates have increased at an alarming rate in the U.S. – especially against women. Women are being targeted, and a large percentage can be attributed to rape and sexual assault. Safety is always in our minds, but we only talk about it after something terrible happens. While we are aware of the danger, we still tend to think that becoming a victim will not happen to us. This mindset will not help us in a fight for survival as it will just make you complacent of the danger that is waiting to happen.

Fortunately, you can do something to prevent yourself from being a victim of violence.

  • Keep a weapon within grasp or in a pocket while making yourself aware of your surroundings.
  • Stay in areas familiar to you or get a companion familiar to the area.
  • Never take shortcuts to a place you’re not familiar.
  • Avoid dark and secluded areas when possible.
  • Always lock your car even if you leave it for a few minutes. Someone may crawl into your car and wait for your return.
  • When returning to your car, check your backseats.
  • Have your keys at the ready when walking back to your vehicle.
  • When running errands, lock your doors the moment you enter your car and don’t linger. Be ready to drive off.
  • When stranded on the side of the road with your car, call for help in a slightly lowered window. Ask a stranger to call the police or let them know the police are already coming. Do not just open your car window in full and talk to a stranger.
  • In social situations, never leave your drink unattended.
  • When being attacked, you should find a way to injure the attacker and get the upper hand to either run to safety or win the fight.

Electra Lipstick Stun Gun – Concealable Self Defense Weapon For Women

The Guard Dog Electra Lipstick Stun Gun is the ultimate concealable personal defense weapon that helps you either avoid a fight, or win it if necessary. Prevention of a confrontation is ideal, but when worse comes to worst, it’s fight or flight. You need a weapon that you can carry conveniently. This beautiful compact lipstick container is designed to be a self-defense powerhouse for women.

The sound of the 3 million volts in the Electra is often enough to change the plan of an attacker with any sense. If the volt-trashing sound does not intimidate the assailant, the power of the stun gun certainly will! The Guard Dog Electra is also equipped with a powerful 100-lumen flashlight that can be seen from yards away. It can serve as a compact flashlight. No need to carry a separate flashlight as the Electra will do that job. When shined directly to the eyes, it can temporarily disorient the would-be attacker and allow you time to get to safety.

One Of The Most Recognized American Self Defense Brands

Guard Dog Security, the brand that carries the Electra Lipstick Stun Gun, is one of the most respected brands in self-defense products. The Guard Dog Electra is proudly made in the USA. The brand has built an excellent reputation in making self-defense items to protect any civilians. The Electra Lipstick Stun Gun is specially designed for women for everyday use to protect yourself and loved ones. As violent crime against women is increasing, the need for a self-protection weapon is at an all-time high. Guard Dog is committed to providing the protection that you need in the form of Electra Lipstick Stun Gun. Guard Dog beautifully crafted the Electra to be as compact as possible so that women can carry it anywhere.

Another great thing about the Guard Dog Security brand is its exclusive Concealed Stun Technology – no visible prongs means you have somewhat of an element of surprise when defending yourself. Guard Dog Security is also a brand known for its durability, and the Electra is no exception as it comes with a lifetime warranty. On top of that, Guard Dog Security values their customer so much, so they are offering a simple product exchange process with their 100% Satisfaction Policy for you to buy with confidence. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product that you purchased, contact Guard Dog, and they are more than willing to listen and happily recommend an alternate product for you.

Guard Dog Electra Lipstick Stun Gun Features

Now that you know the excellent background behind the Electra let’s go over the specific features of the Electra.

  • High Voltage Compact Stun Gun – With a touch of a button, the 3,000,000 volts can scare anyone away with its electrifying sound alone.
  • 100 Lumen Flashlight – Brighter than any standard flashlight, the Electra provides illumination up to 50 yards away.
  • Exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology – Unlike the traditional stuns where prongs are visible; the Electra is equipped with hidden prongs. No one will ever know what’s coming with this innovative design. This technology makes the Electra flashlight ideal for everyday use.
  • Equipped with Keychain – Clip it on to your keys for easy and instant use of stun capability and flashlight.
  • Looks and Feels Like Real Lipstick – Make use of the element of surprise to your advantage as the attacker won’t know what’s in store for them.
  • Up to 100,000 Hour Bulb Life – The bulb has a life-cycle of up to 100,000 hours.
  • Rechargeable battery – The Electra Lipstick Stun Flashlight is rechargeable. No need to constantly replace batteries.

The Results You Will Get From Guard Dog Electra Lipstick Stun Gun

With the Electra Lipstick Stun Gun, you have a powerful stun device with you that is discreet and practical to carry. You can use the intimidating sound to scare the attacker. If the attacker still wants to come closer despite knowing that you are not an easy target, make them regret their action with the high voltage jolt of your Electra. Other benefits of the Electra are the following:

  • The Electra does not cause permanent harm – While it is designed to stop an attacker on their tracks, it will not kill your target. So, you won’t become one of the gun owners who are just defending themselves but still have to face court cases.
  • The Electra does not require perfect aim – Electra is much more likely to render your assailant powerless without having a perfect aim. As long as the stun area of it comes into contact with the assailant, you will have a good chance to gain advantage and run to safety.
  • Does Not Need A Permit – Most states and cities allow civilians to own and use stun guns without going through paperwork and background checks. Check with your state laws.
  • The Electra Is Safer For Your Family – If a family member misuses the stun gun, it won’t likely cost them their lives.
  • Easy To Carry – The Electra is compact and concealable. You can easily slip it into your handbag or glove compartment and quickly grab it when needed.


The Electra Lipstick Stun Flashlight is a must have for any women out there. The self-defense stun weapon is a combination of three factors: the bright flashlight, which is impossible to look at directly, the electrifying and intimidating noise, which can stop any attacker in their tracks, and finally, the powerful electric shock that can deliver excruciating pain. The Electra is very portable and will fit a purse of any size or in the pocket. It has about the same size of a lipstick, probably slightly bigger than some lipsticks – but it is undoubtedly light and not bulky. I would highly recommend the Electra Lipstick Stun Gun to women of all ages.

What to Watch Out For

Before purchasing your Electra Lipstick Stun Gun with LED flashlight, it is vital to research and be aware of any laws about stun gun use. Not every area in the U.S. considers the use of stun guns legal, while others allow stun gun use but with legal restrictions. Check with your local law enforcement agency to verify that carrying and using a stun device like the Electra is legal in your area. Sales of stun guns are prohibited in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Washington DC and Annapolis, MD. Sales are restricted in Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin. For more information about stun gun laws, please visit Stun Gun Laws.

Buying Advice

You need to ensure that you only buy the Electra from an authorized distributor to have peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing the authentic one. I bought mine at Electra Lipstick Stun Gun. This online store offers the Electra at a discounted price. I bought three units and got free shipping. They are also committed to having their customers love their shopping experience with their 3-month money back guarantee. You have nothing to risk, yet everything to gain. They have over 10 years experience in the self-protection industry. If you are unsure of the self-defense equipment that best suits you, you can contact them through email at Customer Support.


Owning the Electra Lipstick Stun Gun gives you peace of mind and puts your safety back in your hands. The Electra is safe and very easy to use. Simply ensure that you get it from an authorized dealer, such as Best Stun Gun. If something should happen to you, you can rest assured that the Electra will function as it should, enabling you to get to safety. The Electra is a non-lethal weapon, so you don’t have to worry about moral issues between taking a life and keeping yourself safe. Women are assaulted, mugged, and raped across the country and the number is increasing year after year. Do not become a statistic. Buy the Electra today!

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