How to Hide Your Outdoor Security Camera from Thieves and Peeping Toms

February 24, 2023

Do you have an outdoor security camera that you’re worried about thieves and peeping Toms seeing? If so, don’t worry – we have a solution for you!

Wondering how to keep your hidden security cameras from sight? Check out our blog post for several ways to do just that.

Why Do You Keep Your Outdoor Security Camera from Intruder’s Eye?

It’s critical to protect your hidden security camera from intruders’ sight for a variety of reasons. Here are some:

  • They can avoid it.
  • They can damage or destroy it, which would render it useless.
  • They can use it to gain access to your home or property.
  • They may be able to disable it or tamper with its recordings.
  • They can use it to spy on you or your family.
  • They can use it to stalk you or harass you.

Keeping your CCTV cameras from intruders’ eyes can help protect yourself and your property from potential harm.

How to Protect Your Security Cameras

Many intruders will try to damage or disable your outdoor security cameras by cutting cables, throwing rocks at them, or even covering the lens with black spray paint. The following suggestions can help you prevent “tampering” with your cameras:

Secure them high

Intruders may have difficulty reaching or striking your hidden cameras if installed about nine feet off the ground. Just be sure there are no ladders or other objects outside that could allow a thief to climb up and turn off the camera.

Keep your cameras hidden

There are many ways to hide security cameras from view so that burglars cannot find them. If you want to hide your camera footage, consider installing non-functioning or fake security cameras in an obvious location, such as above the front door, to act as an effective decoy.

Consider going wireless

A camera system without cables is more secure because burglars can’t cut the wires. With a wireless system, you also have more freedom to place cameras where they will be most effective.

Guard your security cameras by installing protective housing around them:

You can find these at most hardware stores; just make sure your cage has big enough openings that won’t obstruct the camera’s view.

Get a tamper detection

You can install a tamper detection system that will notify you immediately if someone tries to mess with your camera. You then have the option of sounding an alarm from your phone, which will scare away the intruder.

Buy vandal-proof cameras

IP cameras are more expensive upfront, but they offer high-quality footage that continues working even if damaged. When combined with professional security monitoring, you can often provide law enforcement agencies with enough information and time to catch criminals in the act.

Choose a hack-proof camera

You can also protect yourself against hacking by using a security camera connected to the internet. If your surveillance cameras are part of a wireless network, they may also be vulnerable to hacking. Taking the same precautions you take with your online bank accounts and credit cards, such as changing your password frequently, will decrease your risk.

How to Discreetly Conceal Your Outside Security Camera from Burglars and Snoops

There are a few reasons why you might want to keep your outside home security cameras hidden from burglars and snoops. For one, if they know where the camera is, they can avoid it or disable it. And two, if they don’t know where the camera is, they’ll be less likely to target your home in the first place.

Here are seven places you can discreetly conceal your outside security camera:

In a fake rock

This is a great option if you have landscaping around your home. You can purchase a fake rock at a local hardware store and then drill a hole in it for the camera lens. Burglars will never suspect that it’s anything other than decoration.

In a birdhouse or bird feeder

This is another option that works well if you have landscaping. Simply drill a hole in the back of the birdhouse for the camera lens and mount it up. Birds will never know that they’re being watched!

Behind a window screen

This is a quick and easy way to hide your camera. Just remove the screen from the window and position the camera behind it. Make sure to secure the screen so it doesn’t fall and give away the camera’s location.

In a fake hanging potted plant

This is another quick and easy option. Simply put the camera in a potted plant and position it, so the lens is peeking out. Burglars will never suspect that they’re being watched!

In a fake smoke detector

If your ceilings are tall, this is a ideal option for you. You can purchase a fake smoke detector at a local hardware store and mount it on the ceiling. The camera lens will be hidden behind the fake smoke detector.

In a fake security camera

This is an excellent option to make it look like you have a security system. You can also disguise security cameras or just simply use fake cameras and mount them on the wall. The camera lens will be hidden behind the fake security camera.

Behind a mirror

This is a fantastic choice for any home with a mirror. Simply position a small security camera behind the mirror and angle it so that the lens is peeking out. Burglars will never suspect that they’re being watched!

There are many other options for hiding your outside security camera. Get creative and choose an option that best suits your needs. Remember, the goal is to make it difficult for burglars and snoops to find your camera. If they can’t find it, they can’t disable or avoid it.

Final Thought

As we have seen, there are many ways to hide your outdoor security camera from thieves and peeping Toms. Following the tips above, you can ensure your camera is well hidden and safe from potential threats.

An outdoor security camera is essential because it can help you keep an eye on your property and deter criminals from targeting your home. By taking the time to hide your camera correctly, you can rest assured that your home and family are safe from harm.

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