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What Are the Stun Gun Laws in Georgia?

stun gun laws in georgiaStun Guns Are Legal In Georgia

Laws pertaining to stun guns vary from state to state, which is why it’s important to know what the laws are regarding the state you are concerned with. In this article we learn what those laws are in Georgia.

In Georgia, laws pertaining to the use of stun guns and TASERS are found within Title 16 Section 16-11-106 of the Georgia Code. The Code defines stun guns and TASERS as “any device that is powered by electrical charging units such as batteries and emits an electrical charge in excess of 20,000 volts or is otherwise capable of incapacitating a person by an electrical charge.”

Under the Code, it is a felony to own a stun gun or TASER when committing certain crimes such as illegally entering a property or stealing from a building or vehicle. It is also a felony to possess a stun gun while committing a crime against another person or while dealing in illegal drugs.

Anyone who is found violating Section 16-11-106 of the Georgia Code can be sentenced to five years in prison. Those who are convicted a second time of this statute can be sentenced to ten years in prison.