Stun Guns For Seniors

Stun Guns for Stopping Home Intruders

Seniors and disabled citizens are sadly often violent crime victims due to their vulnerabilities and reduced self-defense capacities. Many of them are either living alone or with their spouse. It is not uncommon for seniors to alter their lifestyles for fear of being victimized. They are scared to perform their normal daily activities like going to the grocery store, walking their dogs, or going to the park. Many of them are even afraid to leave their homes after dark.

Seniors and the disabled need an easy and effective way to protect themselves. Stun guns and TASER devices could be the answer. Most stun guns and TASER devices can easily take down someone who is much stronger and faster than you.

They do not require strength to operate. They are easy to use and most of them just require a press of a button to activate. People in all ages should be able to manage effortlessly.

Seniors and disabled citizens don’t have to be a statistic of violent crime. With the help of a stun gun or TASER, they should be able to protect themselves and no longer live in fear.

Our Recommendations

We recommend the following stun guns for seniors and disabled citizens.
TASER Pulse (view more info)

  • Provides up to 15 feet of distant safety
  • Doubles as stun gun for close contact
  • Laser beam sight insures accurate aim


The TASER Pulse is the best product for seniors and the disabled. It has the most take down power and it also provides a range of 15 feet from the attacker. When you pull the trigger, the TASER Pulse will shoot out two small probes which latch on to an attacker up to 15 feet away. It sends an interference signal to the attacker’s nervous system which completely immobilizes them.

If you missed the attacker, the TASER will also work as a contact stun gun for close distance use. Just unplug the air cartridge and hold the TASER against the attacker’s body. The take down power is just as much.

TASER Pulse with the built-in laser aiming sight is highly recommended. It will increase your chances of hitting the subject while in a stressful situation. The attacker will be very intimidated when you point the laser sight on his body. It creates a high psychological impact on the attacker’s mind. Many police officers found that criminals would surrender when the laser sight is pointed on them. They know it is very painful being shot by a TASER. In your case, they would just give up and run away. That’s the best result anyone can ask for – stop the situation without any physical confrontation.

Streetwise Stun Baton (view more info)

  • Extended length keeps bad guy at a distance
  • Shaft shock area adds surprise safety factor
  • Test firing can scare off would-be assailant


Many customers like the fact that this stun baton is 18 inches long. It gives them some distance from the assailant. This unit produces 12,000,000 Volts of stopping power. You can immobilize the assailant faster, which means that there is shorter confrontation time.

The 13.5 inches stun baton also has a shockable surface extends 8.5 inches down from the tip on either side of the unit. This will prevent the assailant from taking the stun baton from you.

When you test-fire this stun baton, you can actually see the current going through the metal probes simultaneously making a very loud cracking noise. Our customers have discovered that this is often enough to scare the assailant away.

The shape of the baton is very intimidating. If it is not enough to scare the attacker away, just test-fire the unit in front of them and let them see the current and hear the cracking noise. This should make them back off. If not, they can taste the 12,000,000 Volt stun power.


ZapCane Stun Cane w/ Flashlight (view more info)

  • Works just like a cane
  • Maximum protection on the go
  • Stay illuminated at all times


The Zapcane Stun Cane is one of the most reliable self defense tool seniors could have so they can defend themselves against human and animal attacks. It is equipped with life saving features such as the remarkable stun power which works effectively when the need to use it arises and the built-in LED flashlight that is very useful when you are out for a walk in dark or low-lighted areas. It has a double purposed feature. Aside from being an effective safety device, it can also be used as a walking cane which you can easily adjust to a length that suits your height from 32-36″

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