Women’s Safety: How to Stay Safe While Traveling Alone

stun gun for women safety when traveling aloneNowadays it’s not uncommon for women to want to travel alone, but how can they do something they enjoy while still being safe?

Over recent months the subject of travelling alone has come under the spotlight, particularly in New Delhi, after the fatal gang-rape of an Indian student and the sexual assault of a South Korean woman. While US travel advisories have issued warnings to women to not travel alone others have gone so far as to recommend that women forgo travelling alone at all. Knowing the crime rate in different countries can often help when it comes to planning so you know what areas to avoid.

Fortunately, as we now live in the 21st century, women in today’s age, particularly in the modern world enjoy celebrating their emancipated lives; however, this sense of freedom does not translate well in conservative countries and is often frowned upon by the locals.

That, however, is no reason for women to avoid travelling alone, but should be a time to remember their travel safety tips. After all, travelling to new destinations is one of the most rewarding pleasures a person can give themselves.

  1. Think about what you wouldn’t do at home – Remember the advice you were often given as a young teenager, and probably even older, about the risks of walking down dark alleys. You wouldn’t do it in the comfort of your own surroundings, so why take the risk of doing it in an unfamiliar country alone?

  2. Dress according to the culture – In Western countries, women are free to dress however they choose to do so, but it is important to remember that countries outside of the Western hemisphere do not follow this. For this reason it is necessary that you follow a culture’s dress code and respect their ways. This will also save you unwanted attention and will allow you to interact better with the locals.

  3. Stay aware – A female traveler should take the time to register landmarks and keep a note of street names. Notice buildings around you, which will help you to make your way back to your hotel, and notice other people too. Being one step ahead means you can avert any unnecessary attention and difficult situations.

  4. Trust your female instincts – Female instincts should never be ignored. If you find yourself in a situation where someone is making you feel uncomfortable or is heading in a direction you don’t want, turn on the charm, make an excuse to leave and get out of there fast.

  5. Be prepared – If self defense products like stun guns and pepper spray are allowed, bring one. If not, your keys and perfume can also be a good deterrent.

  6. Enjoy yourself, but watch your drink – It goes without saying that the nightlife is often one of the perks of travelling. Travelling alone forces you to interact with new people and enjoy yourself, but it is vital that you bear in mind the risks you run and that you should remember that being merry after a few drinks in your neighborhood is somewhat different compared to the streets of Mexico.

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